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Seeing *PURPLE* - Got Purple?!

I have Purple Vision, and I want to share it with you :)

The vision for TDRF is well beyond 3D, well beyond the panorama of my early expectations.....

The view is crisp and clean, a perfect "wish you were here" postcard image of the future!

I want to share this vision with you, so you can better understand the direction TDRF is heading - yeah I know its all in our mission.....but let me explain :)

With a background in Psychology, experience in PR and Advertising, and a talent for writing (Thanks to the big G-O-D:) I have found that to raise awareness for PANCAN, particularly aimed at the younger generations, it must be done in an entertaining (fun) manner. - Yup I said fun!

To answer your first question - "How can cancer be fun?" is to state simply, why can’t it be fun?!
- The point is that for far too long Cancer has been a taboo topic, and as a result of no one being willing to simply talk to about it, more and more people are being diagnosed due to the lack of awareness!

We hope for a cure!!! BUT - Being aware of the risk factors, being vocal, and being visible is the best way to prevent diagnosis, rather than wait on a cure......

- Back to cancer being FUN - for far too long have cancer awareness campaigns held a relaxed tone (please note - I am not negating all the hard work and results that have come out of these campaigns, neither the respectful tone they choose to take) as a member of the younger generation - the people who now have a chance to prevent diagnosis with knowledge, unlike those on whose shoulders we stand, (who were less fortunate to not have the means to download knowledge from the internet) relaxed campaigns have little appeal to us.

We are numb to emotional appeals, due to the overload of "mindless entertainment" we listen to and watch (my husband would love I admitted that :) - WE NEED IN YOUR FACE awareness! Something which yells that we can be "with it" by being aware of cancer risk factors.

Ooooooo! This is certainly not an easy feat! BUT Guess what.....TDRF always aims to please! :)

The following slogans are from various cancer campaigns that I have come across in my research and are not necessarily for the light hearted (I warned you):

*Squeeze a Boob - to prevent Breast Cancer*
*Feel your Boobies!* - Breast Cancer awareness and examination encouragement
*Kick Cancer's @rse!* - General Slogan
*Stupid Cancer* General Slogan
*Cancer Sucks* General Slogan
*Save your Balls* - Testicular Cancer Awareness
*Feel your Nuts* - Testicular Cancer Awareness

Now hopefully I did not offend you.......*fingers crossed*.....but that’s just my point! We are so afraid to talk about cancer....these slogans put cancer in your I’m not saying this is the route we are taking, but I have to give my respect to those individuals who thought of how to make us want to talk about cancer with those slogans....after all...isn’t that the point to awareness?!

Please feel free to send me suggestions for awareness slogans aimed at PANCAN - believe you me it isn’t easy finding a word that rhymes with pancreas....:) Need your help.

For your reading pleasure here are a few phrases I have used thus far (aimed at the youth)
*We are here to ROCK ur world - Lets paint the town PURPLE!*
*Think Purple* (Simple and sweet eh?!)
*Join the purple movement!*

(Lots of purple.....but the pale in comparison to those above....) - I need something SPICEY- help me out:)

Purple Kisses,



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