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Chemo Infusion - Social Media/Networking Support

Being on this journey with Dr. Repole has landed me in various places, emotionally, physically and virtually.

The support we have received from persons via Social Media/Networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook reaffirm the fact that we are not alone on this journey and that many other persons are ready and willing to be open and share their own path to and with Chemo (the dreaded dragon).

Dr. Repole and I have learnt with the support of such beautiful individuals as @chemo_babe and @bubblybex that the approach to a disease, as life threatening as cancer can actually make one feel even more alive! They have taken chemo and cancer to another level! Placing humor on the taboo topics that so many never want to hear about, but because of them the buzz is out!

Joining the #kickcancer fight on Twitter, founded by @bubblybex has been an amazing experience! There is so much support out there, once you are willing to seek it! Struggling alone with cancer as a patient or family member is one of the most terrifying experiences, but the support is out there - just look!

**DISCLAIMER** The fabulous pic is "burrowed" from
- A group of women (who happen to be cancer survivors) who are doing something great for chemo patients and their families in the US

***Also note the Social Media Lingo: @someone's name: is their profile name on Twitter. You can follow them or view their stream/tweets by simply typing:


Connect with FaceBook


Connect with FaceBook

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