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Launch or BIRTH of a "cause"???

The word "Launch" sounds so corporate, so impersonal......

Birth - Now that’s intriguing.....intonations of pain and joy, hope and desperation, ring loud with that one!

I like it!!

Birth - Birth for a "cause"

Why so passionate?? Apart from the obvious reasons....its time my generation wakes up and realises that we are NOT invincible!!!

No one likes to hear the word CANCER.....chances are - that just made you cringe....I'll do it again.... C-A-N-C-E-R

What is it about that word that makes people so icky??

One of the aims of The Dahlia Repole Foundation (TDRF) is in raising awareness, it is done in such away that persons will become more comfortable with talking about cancer, knowing about cancer and sharing information on cancer (yes I'm rubbing the word in your face:)

We have one life to LIVE - why not live for a cause greater than your own self-serving???!!!

Changing the stigma associated with CANCER is what I'm about.....Lets talk about it! Lets share our stories! Give a voice to the persons who are battling with the disease and are fighting in feared silence because of a socialised, sad, immature stigma....

A Voice, A Birth, A Choice.................what will you choose???

That’s my rant for to night :)

Purple Kisses,


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